"No stealing" buttons

Want a stout and sturdy hobbit to protect your layout and graphics? Or do you think that a ringwraith could keep copycats away from your texts? Grab one of these buttons and show people what you think of those who steal other people's work and claim it as their own.

You DO NOT have to link these buttons back to my site, but I would appreciate it if you'd put me on your links page or something. :) You can use one of the Nenuial-buttons if you like or just a plain text link. The URL is http://nenuial.nippu.net
As always, store these to your own server. Direct linking is disabled on this domain.

no stealing you shall not steal no stealing do not stee... steal do not steal be nice and ask no stealing- give credit

"Any browser" buttons

Please make sure you know what the Any Browser Campaign is all about and that your site follows its idea before using these "best viewed with" graphics. DO NOT link these back to this site but to the ABC site. The URL is http://www.anybrowser.org/campaign

Save the buttons(s) to your own server, direct linking will only bring you broken images.

random sizes:
best viewed with a palantír best viewed with a palantír best viewed with a palantír any race, any browser

"standard" sizes:
50 x 50 100 x 50 200 x 40 100 x 35

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