General how-to

Saving graphics to your computer

If you want to use the backrounds and/or the patterns, the first thing to do is to save the pictures to your computer and then transfer them to your own web space. Direct linking has been disabled on this domain, so you will only see broken images if you try to do that.

Transferring the graphics

The next thing to do is to transfer those saved pictures to the server your web site is located at. Now, there are lots of ways to do this. Basically, if you know how to transfer web pages to your server, you also know how to transfer images. The problems start if you're using a service run for example by Angelfire or Geocities. Then you might have created your site without transfering anything or without seeing the first line of html code. Don't panic. :) Just login to your account and try to find a link or a button that says "upload a file" or something similar to that. If you can't find one, try to search your service's help pages for "uploading files".
Click the "upload" button, locate the right file from your computer and complete the uploading process. Now you have a copy of the orginal picture in your web folder.

Adding the graphics to your page

The last thing to do is to add the picture to the code that forms your web page. I've got tips and examples for those of you who are familiar with html.

Still don't know the first thing about html? No worries. :) Look carefully what options your angelfire/geocities/whatever editor has. There's probably a link for choosing a background picture for your site. Just remember to locate the file you saved to your own account, NOT the one on your computer and NOT the one at this site.
This is important because direct linking (or hot linking) has been disabled on this domain. You will only see broken images in your pages if you don't save the graphoics to your own web space.

And that's it. You should see the picture now on your web page. If you do not, make sure you have the file name right and click the refresh/update button of your browser. If you want, you can add a link back to Nenuial somewhere in your site.

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