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This site hosts a collection of Lord of the Rings graphics made by me over the years. The images are free for you to take and use, no need to ask. :) However, a link back to this site is greatly appreciated if you decide to take something. Please also note that hotlinking images is disabled on this server, so save everything to your own space. If you need any help on how to use the graphics, here are some tips for you. This is a hobby, and unfortunately I can not help you in building your website. I am also currently unable to take requests, sorry!

What's inside?

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28th of October, 2008
Lots of new LJ icons added and a couple of new categories as well.

25th of June, 2008
Lots of new LJ sized icons, mostly of Galadriel, Faramir, Legolas and some hobbits.

21st of February, 2007
A huge overhaul: new layout, lots of updating, adding stuff and moving around and most importantly: 100x100 icons as a new category.

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